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Over the years we have developed one core principle - providing best in the field services and products. Through the use of high-tech CAD/CAM (Computer Aided Design/ Computer Aided Manufacturing) technology and expertise of specialists, we thrive to come up with the solution to each of the case we encounter. Every restoration, be it traditional crown and bridge type or implant based, is produced without compromise of aesthetics and functionality. Since much of the basic hand work is replaced by CAD/CAM powered production process, accuracy of fundamental but crucial parameters such as margins, occlusal clearance, mesiodistal contacts are ensured. On top of that, highest level of balance between form and function is provided, so doctors and patients are highly satisfied. We do understand the difference between the commercial lab service and high-end detail oriented quality lab service. It enables us to state that, we do provide personalized service to each one of our customers. In order to maintain such level of quality in our services and products, we constantly invest in keeping our specialists and lab up to date with latest technologies in the field of dentistry. Our goal is to help our doctors with the process of making patient's smiles beautiful.e.

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