Zirkonzahn PlaneSystem

Versatility of diagnostic tools at Prodigy Dental Studio is extended by the use of Zirkonzahn PlaneSystem. In short it allows to replace conventional face bow measurements to accurately transfer anatomical position of maxilla relative to body of the patient. Since occlusal plane orientation is different from patient to patient, it is essential to record it accurately to mounted model in articulator. Hence, it delivers accurate imitation of occlusal movements in lab articulator and virtual articuator. Together with FaceHunter, PlaneSystem fully record patient's aesthetic and functional data in order to design aesthetically and functionally authentic prosthesis.

Zirkonzahn Facehunter

It is another tool in our arsenal, which enables us to have three dimensional facial scans of the patient either chair-side or in-lab. Acquired facial scans then merged with the scans of the models and used in the design process. Three dimensional virtual image of patient gives us the idea about middle line, horizontal plane and facial features, which need to be taken into account when choosing correct anatomy for particular patient.

What is CAD/CAM Technology?

CAD/CAM (computer-aided design and computer-aided manufacturing) refers to computer software that is used to both design and manufacture products. CAD is the use of computer technology for design and design documentation. 

CAD/CAM applications are used to both design a product and program manufacturing processes, specifically, CNC machining. CAM software uses the models and assemblies created in CAD software to generate tool paths that drive the machines that turn the designs into physical parts. CAD/CAM software is most often used for machining of prototypes and finished parts. autodesk

 At Prodigy Dental Studio, we understand importance of CAD.CAM Technology in today's Dentistry. While it eases production process by making it more automated, it also adds precision, repeatability and pleasurable aesthetics. Over the time of working with Zirkonzahn CAD.CAM System we have in lab, we became true masters of dental design and milling.

Zirkonzahn S600 ARTI Scanner

It has one of the highest accuracy in its class. With scanning the resolution of less than 10 microns, it enables to scan even the thinnest marginal lines on the model. Ability of scanning models within articulators makes it one of the best in class. Two of these scanners ensure the fastest workload absorption.

Zirkonzahn M1 Dry

Its 5+1 axis width of movement makes it possible to mill most complex restorations of zirconia, PMMA or wax origin in compact space. M1 Dry can work alongside our long served M5 unit, as well as serve as backup in the event of outage. Having this much abundance of milling units enables us to manufacture precise, aesthetically pleasing and reliable restorations within short period of time.

Zirkonzahn CAD.CAM Software

It is the central point where all the equipment talk to each other. It is set of several programs, each of which control the corresponding machinery. Among all of them Modellier software stands out, since it is main tool in designing variety of restorations. Its scope covers copings, crowns and bridges, implant based restorations, bars and attachments, telescopic crowns, inlays and onlays. Availability of teeth anatomy library by Enrico Steger enables us to provide unique restorations for each case.

Zirkonzahn M1 Abutment 

Importance of cement retained implant restorations is known for all of us. Here at Prodigy we employ new methodologies to implement this technique for screw retained implant restorations as well. Final product is higher stability and support together with great aesthetics and functionality. Zirkonzahn's M1 Abutment allows us to provide top notch bio-compatible Grade 5 Titanium  abutments for several implant systems.

Zirkonzahn Titanium Spectral-Coloring Anodizer

It is essential part of Titanium involved restoration production process. Even though it is not directly involved in CAD.CAM process, it serves as an addition. Usually, gray hue in the restoration is due to involvement of metal part. By coloring Titanium bases and abutments into different shades, satisfactory results can be achieved. 

Zirkonzahn M1 Wet Heavy  Milling Unit 

It is another prodigy of its class. Its compact size coupled with 5+1 axis milling ability makes it one of the desired milling machines in any dental lab. M1 Wet Heavy Milling Unit can process Titanium, Chromocobalt and Ceramic.

3 Shape Trios Intraoral Scanner

Trios intraoral scanner from 3Shape has revolutionized overall case protocol with any patient. It allows to avoid physical impression capturing. Clinician now can scan and re-scan if something is not accurate. Then scans are electronically sent to the lab through encrypted 3Shape Communicate account. Lab can contact the doctor with feedback on intraoral scan and if something is missing they can capture more while patient is on the chair. 

Zirkonzahn Zirkonfen 700 Ultra-Vakuum​

It is zirconia sintering oven with great volume and speed of sintering abilities. 3 heating elements ensure that the sintering process is faster and correct temperatures are achieved. Bigger combustion chamber enables to sinter more restorations (e.g. 2 full arch zirconia bridges) at once. Availability of several different sintering programs for Prettau Zirconia, Ice Zirconia and Zirconia Anterior materials is another advantage. 

Zirkonzahn M5 Milling Unit 

It is one of the best milling units we have. It has 5+1 simultaneous milling axes. Coupled with automatic suction unit it enables to mill overnight without presence of technician. Variety of milling burs enable us to mill zirconia, PMMA (Acrylic) and Wax materials with highest accuracy and quality.

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