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​PMMA ( Acrylic ) Restorations - are another field we specialize upon. Due to its characteristics such as great aesthetics, temporary functionality and economical favorability they are very popular and well desired. At Prodigy, CAD.CAM-powered production enables us to provide traditional or implant based temporary crowns and bridges, temporary abutments and Aesthetic Prototypes (PMMA/Acrylic Try-ins) with the highest degree of accuracy and quality. 

Aesthetic Prototype - is another PMMA product we offer, that work as PMMA (Acrylic) try-in. If the restoration is involved full arch traditional or implant based zirconia restorations or restorations of any kind in anterior teeth area, we provide Aesthetic Prototype. Most importantly, it works as a proposed design and eliminates the cost of remaking whole restoration if patient or doctor is not pleased with it. Furthermore, it verifies margins, shape and size of the restorations as well as bite. Since it is made off acrylic material it can be adjusted or acrylic can be added in the mouth to guide for final restoration.

Temporary Crowns and Bridges - besides immediate load Eggshell Temporary Crowns, implant based or traditional crowns and bridges out of PMMA are also available. They are also produced out of different types of PMMA depending on the desired time period of use by patient. For implant based temporary restorations Ti bases or trimmed down temporary Ti abutments are used as a means of connection to the implant. 

Eggshell Temporary Crowns and Bridges - are temporary crowns and bridges that can be used immediately after crown preparation. These PMMA (Acrylic) restorations have 0.5 mm wall thickness and enough space to reline the bridge or crowns in the mouth. Depending on the time desired for having the temporaries on different types of PMMA material available, with different durability degrees.

Besides providing various types of restorations and prosthetic devices, at Prodigy Dental Studio we assist with several software and hardware based diagnostic procedures and more.

Face Hunter facial scan

Facial scanning session is done using latest technology powered Zirkonzahn Facehunter facial scanner. It enables us to have three dimensional virtual image of the patient, which is essential in cases where full arch or anterior teeth restorations are involved. Facial scans then aligned with in-lab model scans and design of the prospective restoration is made. Please read more about Zirkonzahn Facehunter in our CAD.CAM section.  Please call us to set up Facehunter facial scanning session.

Chair-side or In-lab Custom Shade Appointments
Sometimes, shade of restorations are too specific to be directed from certain shade guides. It may have some characterization requirements. At such occasions,  our technician can come to the doctor's office during the scheduled appointment and take professional pictures of the patient's existing teeth or restorations for better shade and characterization matching, If visiting our laboratory is convenient for patient, In-lab Custom Shades Appointments are also available. We just need to be notified about the date and approximate time of patient's arrival.

​As a part of our services local pick-ups and deliveries are free. Also we can provide UPS shipping labels free of charge if you would like to send us a case. You can directly call us at +1.609.695.4343 or fill out online form. Please allow one or two business days for online pickup/shipping labels requests to be processed.

At Prodigy Dental Studio no manual wax-ups for pressed e.max crowns are made. Instead with the help of state of the art Zirkonzahn CAD/CAM system we are able to design the wax-up virtually, mill it from special wax material and then press. It allows higher accuracy and aesthetics as well as reliability. Wax material that we use has special texture, which allows fine details to be milled accurately. Since the material is firm compared to regular wax, it allows small adjustments or additions to be made directly to the CAD/CAM milled wax-up before the investment step. 

IPS e.max Press is an innovative lithium disilicate glass-ceramic (LS2) ingot for the press technology.

The innovative IPS e.max Press lithium disilicate glass-ceramic (LS2) provides accuracy of fit, function and esthetics while simultaneously featuring a strength of 400 MPa. The ingots are available in four levels of translucency, two sizes and now also as Impulse ingots. The result is a lifelike esthetic appearance irrespective of the shade of the preparation. 

At Prodigy Dental Studio, we offer several different options of metal based restorations. The scope of our products include All-metal Crowns and Bridges, PFM Crowns and Bridges, Titanium abutments and bars etc. The accuracy of our metal based restorations is ensured by employing CAD.CAM Technology in the process. Before casting alloys, we mill the restoration and then cast it. Titanium bars and abutments are milled from Titanium blanks in our Zirkonzahn M1 Wet Heavy Milling Unit.

Implant based metal restorations - Similar to the implant based zirconia restorations, metal restorations can be made. We process it through our CAD.CAM System. Most of the time when implant angulation is non-satisfactory casted gold or Titanium abutments are desired. At Prodigy we can provide such service with highest quality and precision. Also, with the advent of Zirkonzahn M1 Wet Heavy Milling Unit acquisition, now titanium bars screw retained metal restorations are also available. 

Porcelain-fused-to-metal crowns (PFM's) - PFM's can be thought of as a hybrid between the two other types of dental crowns, in the sense that they're made out of both metal and porcelain. A metal alloy is used to create a thin thimble-like cap that fits over the tooth.Porcelain is then fused to this metal substructure to form the overall shape of the crown and give it a white, natural-looking appearance.dps

All-metal dental crowns. / Gold crowns - These crowns, just as their name implies, are fabricated entirely out of metal. The classic all-metal crown has a gold coloration. They can also be made out of "white" (silver color) alloys. In a similar way implant based restorations are done. Which includes screw retained all metal crowns or full metal crowns over Titanium abutments.

Zirconia is the oldest and most abundant element in the earth‘s crust and it is the base for zirconium dioxide(yttrium oxide stabilized zirconium oxide). According to Zirkonzahn, reoccurring issue in our professional circles is the question whether solid, full-contour Zirconia crowns are at all indicated in the view of aesthetics, abrasion characteristics, compatibility and strength. Can we recommend them to our patients? As far as (full-anatomical-contour) solid Zirconia restorations are concerned, we all agree that a special translucent Zirconia material is needed first. For this reason we have developed the highly translucent Zirconia which is used in conjunction with a specialized colouring technique that eliminates the use of veneer ceramics entirely. In this way, aesthetically pleasing full-Zirconia (FZ) restorations, i.e. the Full Contour Zirconia Bridge can be realized. Especially in the field of implant dentistry, in cases of limited available space or restorations with tissue flanges, Zirconia comes into a world of its own. One of the many advantages is the complete elimination of posterior occlusal chipping because only the labial or buccal surfaces are porcelain veneered; all functional areas are maintained as solid Zirconia.

Zirconia is partially stabilized with yttrium and enriched with aluminium. This results in positive material properties like a high bending strength of up to 1,570 MPa (Study of the University of Munich, Dr. Beuer, February 2007), a high temperature resistance (of up to 2,600°C), as well as a constant shrinking factor granting the highest possible precision.

- Higher translucency due to microstructure of the zirconia
- No ceramic chipping
- No abrasion to the antagonist tooth
- 200% higher bending strength, thanks to the elimination of the veneer ceramics